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Vila Nova de Gaia

Bridge Dom Luis I

Picture a whole other city by a river mouth, a vibrant array of things to do, valuable cultural heritage connected to the sea and long-standing fishing traditions, dozens of hectares of green spaces, contact with wildlife and several kilometers of west-facing white sand beaches. Can you picture it? Well, just across the Douro, you’ll find it. Welcome to Vila Nova de Gaia.

Enjoy the view from above

To get one of the most complete and impressive panoramas of Porto you will have to take a tram ride. It is only 5 minutes to reach the Pier of the City of Gaia, at 300 meters of altitude. On the way there, you can contemplate the historic area of ​​Porto, the roofs of the cellars of Gaia, the Ribeira, the Clérigos and the Douro in all their splendor. Take it all in and, if you can’t resist snapping some photos, your Instagram followers are sure to be jealous. The return ticket costs €9 per person and is worth every cent.

Enjoy some Port Wine

Included in our Gaia Cable Car trip were two tickets for a tasting at a winery. When you walk inside, there are huge empty casks that have benches inside for seating and tasting. We each had a taste of the Ruby and the Tawny Port wines. They were out of this world.

We bought both!

Vila Nova de Gaia

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