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Vila Nova de Gaia

Picture a whole other city by a river mouth, a vibrant array of things to do, valuable cultural heritage connected to the sea and long-standing fishing traditions, dozens of hectares of green spaces, contact with wildlife and several kilometers of west-facing white sand beaches. Can you picture it? Well, just across the Douro, you’ll find […]

Ship Museum St. Andrew (Navio-Museu Santo Andre)

The Santo André Ship-Museum is an extension of the Ílhavo Maritime Museum. It was part of the Portuguese cod-fishing fleet and is designed to illustrate the different arts and techniques of trawling. This side trawler (used in the more “classical” form of trawling) was built in 1948, in Holland, having been commissioned by the Aveiro […]

Maritime Museum of Ilhavo – Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo

We visited this museum mainly because my father was a cod fisherman. It was a welcome to see such a huge collection of fishing memorabilia, along with a huge boat. The small town Ílhavo was quite well-known for the codfish fishermen. That was a very hard life which is quite well displayed in the museum. […]

Agueda (Umbrella Sky Project)

Beautiful street art and colorful umbrellas, worth a visit! This place is surprisingly beautiful! A romantic town with colorful umbrellas everywhere. You can explore this colorful area within a 2-hour relaxing walk. There are quite a few restaurants, cafes, and shops around if you need to take a break. Fun, unique art installation to see. […]

Batalha Monastery (Mosteiro da Batalha)

One of the most fascinating places in the Iberian Peninsula A decisive event for the consolidation of the Portuguese nation took place on August 14, 1385, near the spot where the Monastery of Batalha stands: D. João, Master of Avis and the future king of Portugal, overcame the Castilian armies in the battle of Aljubarrota. […]

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