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Agueda (Umbrella Sky Project)

Umbrella Sky Project in Agueda

Beautiful street art and colorful umbrellas, worth a visit!

This place is surprisingly beautiful! A romantic town with colorful umbrellas everywhere. You can explore this colorful area within a 2-hour relaxing walk. There are quite a few restaurants, cafes, and shops around if you need to take a break.

Umbrella Sky Project in Agueda

Fun, unique art installation to see. Went on a Wednesday afternoon and it wasn’t overly busy. It’s nice to see the whole area get into it with different umbrella designs set up. There are also painted stairs in alleys nearby that are nice to see as well.

What a lovely project. It’s light-hearted and whimsical and very impactful. Several streets are covered with colorful umbrellas that dance in the wind, provide shade and breathe life into an area that I for one, would have never known about or visited. There seem to be daily concerts in an umbrella-covered stage nearby throughout July.

A lovely visit about an hour drive from Porto…

The merchants and homes in the area seem to have really embraced the Umbrella Sky Project and have decorated their shops and homes with colorful umbrellas. This project seems to have inspired a lot of other urban artwork to emerge and flourish in the area from painted stairs and lampposts to murals, street art, and yarn covered bikes.

Agueda (Umbrella Sky Project)

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