Tony DeOliveira


Hi! I’m Tony. Thanks for stopping by.

This website is an attempt to showcase the fun our family has had traveling in Portugal.  We were lucky enough to go this year with two of our three children. Our youngest, Taylor, was unable to join us because of work scheduling.

We traveled throughout the central part of the country visiting great sights and enjoying delicious food.

Portugal is a country rich in history. Famous conquests by the likes of:

–              Isabel de Portugal – Queen of Castilla

–              Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese Explorer

–              Prince Henry the Navigator

–              King Diniz I of Portugal

–              Cristiano Ronaldo, alright, not him…

You get the picture.

Plus, there’s a good amount of food. The grilled squid I had in Costa Nova. Or the mixed BBQ my son had in Torreira. How about the custard cups from Batalha? All this, and more. I may even provide you with a recipe or two.

So, sit back and enjoy the images that we’ve taken for our pleasure and yours.

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